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    Luan Becerra is an outstanding local Realtor®, Kaua'i island specialist and listing professional with a mission to provide top class, luxury property investment advice and selling services on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Partnered with Elite Pacific Properties, one of the most highly respected and most innovative real estate brokerages on the planet, Luan and his team seek to honestly provide the most excellent service available to their clients. Maintaining a friendly, efficient and integral working dynamic, they keep your best interest at heart and look forward to including you in their vision of moving Kauai in a positive direction.

    Luan has a confident and creative mind with a vision for a better future inspired by growing up on the Garden Island of Kauai. His company's goal is to assist others by simplifying the process of real estate transactions and investments. He helps by providing honest, accurate and valuable advice to all of his associates and eliminates the overwhelming sensation that people may feel during these challenging times in their lives.

    From Luan:

    Originally from the city of Porto Alegre in Brazil, I have been fortunate enough to have grown up on the lush North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii since the young age of 5. Being immersed in the beauty and culture of this island from such a young age has filled me entirely with passion and love for nature, Hawaiian tradition and the beautiful people that live here. I am especially intrigued in becoming friends and finding out more about the new and exciting visitors I meet every year. Every person has their own story. I feel blessed in having grown up traveling from the tropical isle of Kauai to several other beautiful coastal surfing towns, fishing villages, spiritual retreats, jungles, big cities and many mind-blowing locales with diverse cultures all over Brazil, Argentina, and Indonesia. These experiences have been hugely influential for me in my life and have provided new perspectives for anyone which with I associate.

    Having the deep-rooted local knowledge and connection with Kauai allows for my guests, friends, and partners to genuinely experience luxury service with Aloha. I have worked with high-end clientele in multiple spectrums including booking full vacation itineraries and activities. From assisting a first-time homebuyer in that exciting time, a family enjoying a beautiful Kauai vacation to ensuring a seasoned real estate investor gets the most value for their property in an efficient and timely manner, I strive for greatness every time. The satisfaction of my partners is my ultimate reward, and that is how I gauge my success. This fact continues to be and only becomes more of a unique, beautiful feeling for me. The reason I am fortunate in this business is to share in the joy of every successful interaction between my clients, who I hope, can become my lifetime friends.

    It ignites me to see people living and loving with their fullest potential and connecting with their true selves. I seek and look forward to sharing with you this 'aloha', the 'breath of life', as the ancient Hawaiians called it. Let the happiness found in the beautiful, warm waters of my island flow to you, washing away all of your worries. Remembering what Bruce Lee said, 'Be like water, my friend'.

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