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    I have been fortunate enough to have grown up on the lush North Shore of Kaua'i, Hawaii since I was five years old. Being immersed in the beauty and culture of this island from such a young age has filled me with passion and love for nature, Hawaiian tradition and the beautiful people that live here. I am especially intrigued in becoming friends and finding out more about the new and exciting locals and visitors I meet and come to know every year.

    Originally, I come from the city of Porto Alegre (which means happy port in the Portuguese language) in Brazil, with Ukrainian and Polish Jewish roots on my mother’s side and native Argentinian Indian on my father’s side. I grew up traveling to and from Brazil where I trained Jiu-Jitsu, surfed, and, from a very young age, learned how to be a successful entrepreneur and truly make the most of life by going on tour and playing in concerts with my musician father, Daniel Namkhay, who lives happily from his music. Between beautiful coastal surfing towns, to modern societies, to fishing villages, to spiritual retreats in remote locations, to wild jungles and big cities, I can genuinely say the diverse cultures all over the world which I’ve experienced have been hugely influential and beneficial in my life making me a better person. Because of my unique outlook, I have always provided the best combination of time-tested foundational concepts and the most innovative perspectives for anyone whom I associate with, resulting in the achievement of all goals at the highest level.

    Having the sought after deep-rooted local knowledge and connection with Kaua'i allows for my clients and partners to genuinely experience luxury service with aloha spirit. From guiding a buyer and negotiating the best price for them on their dream home, to successfully and efficiently assisting a home seller in getting the most from the sale of their property in the least amount of time - I have achieved and will continue to achieve greatness for those that have the opportunity of having me on their side.

    The satisfaction of my partners is my ultimate reward, and that is how I gauge my success. Because of this, those that work with me benefit on this highest level as I hold their interests above my own at all times. The reason I work so hard and have such an extreme impact and effect in this business is that I share in the joy of every successful interaction between my clients, whom I hope, can become my lifetime friends. It ignites me to see people living and loving with their fullest potential and connecting with their true selves and what better way to build your relationship with someone than by helping them with their most important asset.
    ?Most people on earth, even locals and natives of Hawai’i, do not know, nor have ever heard of this so that I will reveal this secret to you. Here is a quick insight into the meaning of Hawai’i from — ‘All Hawaiian words are conceptual in nature and have many meanings, what they mean is determined by the context in which they are used.

    Ha is the breath of creation and life;
    Wai is the sacred water that sustains life and a symbol of great abundance;
    i emphasizes what comes before it.

    So, a translation of Hawai?i is: “An abundance of the forces that create and sustain life”

    I seek and look forward to connecting with you and sharing with you this abundance of the forces that create and sustain life.

    Remember what Bruce Lee said, "Be like water, my friend."

    - Luan Becerra

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